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I’m on a unique journey, which will result in the meeting of my destiny in the future. This section tracks the highs and lows of my sporting career, and my progress as the story unfolds.
My first competition at World Gay Games Amsterdam, winning a silver medal in the 82.5-kilo class.
“A massive” 465 total, comprising of a 180 Squat, 95 Bench and 190 Deadlift. (We all have to start somewhere.)
My first competition on home soil, and a 500-kilo total at the South East Divisional Championships.
First 200 kg Deadlift, at the South East Deadlift Championship. Pulled 215, but fell over backwards onto my arse, my first big lesson in controlling heavy weight.
Exactly one year after my first competition, selected to represent London against Wales in my first Inter-divisional match. My first competition the new leaner and meaner bodyweight of 75 kilos.
Tough times in the second half of 1999 as it was spent fighting injury.
Selected to once again represent London against Wales. Every representative opportunity in sport is an honour.
My first London Divisional Championship, after being convinced that I could win beforehand – came away with some harsh lessons. Leading after a 197.5 kilo Squat, everything falls apart to leave asking some searching questions.
Decide to move all my training to National Sports Centre, Crystal palace and link up with strength coach Keith Morgan.
The Baverstock Open in Birmingham and my first ever squat above 200 kilos (205).
Injured for London Divisional Championships in October due to injury, and decide to delay competing until December.
First win at Divisional level, in the 75-kilo class at the Yorkshire North East Open. Personal best total of 560 kilos with a 210 Squat, 107.5 Bench and 242.5 Deadlift.
First Bomb Out!
Fail to get a lift in the squat section and my first “bomb”; it comes to ALL lifters, at some point.
The rebuilding process begins with the London Police Championships, Even though this is only a training exercise, a lifetime best total of 562.5 and my first best lifter award.
Travel to Sydney for World Gay Games, and the biggest competition of my career to date. 3rd November, Cook and Phillips Park – a gold medal in the 75-kilo class along with three Gay Games records in Total, Squat and Deadlift.
Yorkshire and North East Divisional Championships and my first “real” attempt at the British Championship qualifying total.
First in the 75 kilo class, but fail to lockout with a 250 Deadlift resulting in one of the lowest points in my career to date.
'Bombed' at the London Divisionals, after trying new combinations in training. Another low point in my career, but some major lessons learned and another piece of the formula falls into place.
Pleased to see the back of 2003 !!!!
Bounce back with 570 PB total at the South East Divisional Championships in the British Drug Free Association.
Awarded a Best Lifter Bronze Medal and qualify for my first British Championship Final

Lifetime best total of 580 kilo at the British Championship Qualifier in Gateshead. Performed my first three times bodyweight squat at 227.5 kilo (500llb in old money).

I can now take my place in the BWLA British Championship Final alongside the strongest men in Britain.
Another Lifetime best total of 590 kilo at the BDFPA British Championship Final in Falkirk.
Second place..
Earning the right to represent Team England in my first World Championship Final.
My first BWLA British Championship Final in Birmingham.
Completed all 9 of my lifts with another Lifetime best total of 600 Kilo.
(8 times bodyweight).
Competed in my first World Championship Final (Atlanta, USA).
Squatted a lifetime best of 237.5 kg and finished in second place.
No. 2 in the World in Drug Free Powerlifting, completing a highly satisfactory year.
Federation Gay Games extend an invitation to become the latest addition to their Ambassador programme.
I am truly humbled and honoured to be considered alongside names such as Billy Jean King, Bruce Hayes and Dave Kopay.
Visit the FGG's Press Release in the media section.
Qualified for my third British Championship Final.
Overall Champion of Champions at the Eastern Counties Divisional Championship.
Win first British title at the BDFPA Championship Final
Qualify for both the European and World Drug Free Championships to be held later in the year.
Competed in my first European Championship Final, taking second place
First 'official' appearance for the Federation of Gay Games as Ambassador at San Fransisco Pride
Appearance for Out for Sport at the London Pride rally. Promotion for Gay Games Chicago 2006
Win WDFPF World Championship title in Turin, Italy
World Drug Free Powerlifting Champion
Compete in the Welsh Open Championship and qualify for a fifth British Championship Final. The BWLA British Championship Final will be held in February 2007
Qualify for 3rd World Championship Final
Gay Games 7 in Chicago
Win 4 Gold medals, breaking 7 gay games records in the process.
See Outsports section - Ambassador Diary - Chicago 2006
Umbro become my Kit Sponsors. I'm honoured and privileged to be allowed to wear three lions on my chest at the World Championship finals.
Accept invitation from The English Football Association to join their advisory group on Homophobia.
Compete in my third World Championship Final finishing in third place. Now have a full set of World Medals Silver (2004), Gold (2005) and Bronze (2006).
After winning the South East Divisional Championship, became ill and needed an emergency operation.
Looking to make a comeback in 2008.
Qualified for the British Championship Final, after winning the South East Divisional Championship.