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WDFPF - British Drug Free Power lifting Association
International Elite standard lifter in the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association.
  • Number 1 in London and South East
  • Number 2 in England
  • Number 3 in Britain
  • Number 3 in World
WDFPF World Championship Finalist 2004 (Second Place)
BDFPA British Champion 2005
WDFPF European Championship Finalist 2005 (Second Place)
WDFPF World Champion 2005
WDFPF World Championship Finalist 2006 (Third Place)
IPF - British Weight Lifters Association
British Championship Finalist 2004
  • Number 1 in London
  • Top 5 England
  • Top 10 Great Britain
World Gay Games 2006- 4 Gold Medals

World Gay Games 2002 - Gold Medal

World Gay Games 1998 - Silver Medal
Gay Games record holder in Squat (225kilos)
Gay Games record holder in Deadlift (250 kilos)
Gay Games record holder Overall Poundage (575 kilos)
Coach to the BWLA British Bench Press Team - European and World Championships 2001, 2002 and 2003.
Current Lifetime Best Lifts - All Performed at below 75 kilo bodyweight: