Gay Games – Scholarships

The Gay Games need your support to fund Gay Games scholarships for Paris 2018!

The Gay Games are almost 100% privately funded, and participants contribute a significant share of the cost of the event. The Gay Games bring together individuals who freely associate with their “city team”, rather than national teams supported by government and other official funding agencies.

This means that the message of the Gay Games can only be brought to certain parts of the world by means of scholarships. Gay Games scholarships can pay for some or all of the costs of participating in the Gay Games: registration fees, of course, but also travel and lodging while at the Games.

At the centre of The Gay Games is the principal of reaching out to LGBT people throughout the world and spreading the message of Gay Games in countries where people may not be able to live their lives freely and without fear of discrimination.

Over the years many Gay Games scholarship recipients have then returned to their countries, become role models and have been key drivers of change in their communities for the better.

As an Ambassador for the Federation of Gay Games I feel very fortunate to have participated in a total of four editions of Gay Games and to have won a total of seven medals in competition.

I would like to encourage you all to visit the Gay Games website and make a donation to the Gay Games Scholarship Fund. This will help LGBT athletes in countries with repressed human rights records to experience the magic of future Gay Games.

Gay Games really are “Games That Change The World”

Chris Morgan, World Champion Powerlifter & Gay Games Ambassador

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