Gay Games – The Ambassadors

For more than a quarter century, the Gay Games have built a legacy of changing cultural, social and political attitudes towards LGBT people across the globe through the transforming benefits of competition and culture.

The Ambassadors are an international group of prominent individuals supporting the goals and principles of the quadrennial Gay Games. They represent a broad range of achievement in sports, the arts, business and government. Each in his or her own way has been a trailblazer, using celebrity and activism to speak out for the LGBT populace. Now, they are working hand in hand with the Federation to promote the values of the Gay Games Movement.

The Gay Games Ambassadors program was begun in 2002 in support of Sydney’s Gay Games VI. The four charter Ambassadors all had close, existing ties to the Gay Games: Tom Bianchi, Bruce Hayes, Judith Light and (former ambassador) James Hormel. Since then, more than a dozen others have joined them.”

John Amaechi, Judith Arndt, Billy Bean, Amanda Bearse, Tom Bianchi, Melissa Etheridge, Michelle Ferris, Rudy Galindo, Bruce Hayes, Sir Elton John, Billy Jean King, David Kopay, Judith Light, Greg Louganis, Matthew Mitcham, Chris Morgan, Leigh-Ann Naidoo, Petra Roessner, Blake Skjellerup, Brian Sims, Esera Tuaolo, Ji Wallace …

Gay Games Ambassadors –