Gay Games – About FGG

About The Federation of Gay Games

We are athletes, artists and activists, united to support the “Games that Change the World”

Since the first Gay Games in 1982, the Federation of Gay Games has promoted equality in sports and ensured that the Gay Games, the world’s largest sports and culture festival open to all, take place every four years under the founding principles of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best™.

The FGG and its member organizations:
  • select the host of each edition of the Gay Games
  • transmit and enhance know-how from host to host as to rules, requirements, and best practice
  • monitor and support the execution of the Gay Games
  • represent the LGBT perspective to sport and culture organizations and events
  • represent the sport perspective to LGBT and human rights groups and events

The Federation of Gay Games is nearly an all-volunteer organisation made up of individuals and organisations representing four continents. The Federation consists of a board of directors and an assembly of local and international organisations. These member organisations are single or multi-sport clubs and federation, cultural groups, and can be local, regional, national or international in scope. The member organisations are more than a list of groups that support the Gay Games — their delegates are actively involved in the Federation’s work and decision-making processes. All are dedicated to ensuring the continuation of the Gay Games’ decades of history of inspiration and achievement.

Where The Gay Games Have Been Held Since 1982 …

1982 – San Francisco, United States (1,350 athletes) – “Challenge”

1986 – San Francisco, United Steates (3,500 athletes) – “Triumph”

1990 – Vancouver, Canada (7,200 athletes) – “Celebration”

1994 – New York, United States (11,000 athletes) – “Unity”

1998 – Amsterdam, Holland (11,949 athletes) – “Friendship”

2002 – Sydney, Australia (11,000 athletes) – “Under New Skies”

2006 – Chicago, United States (11,500 athletes ) – “Where The World Meets”

2010 – Cologne, Germany (9,500 athletes) – “Be Part of It”

2014 – Cleveland, United States (10,000 athletes) – “Go All Out”

2018 – Paris, France (Target of 15,000 athletes) – “All Equal”

The next Gay Games are scheduled for Paris, France in 2018 …

In October 2013, the International Federation of the Gay Games (FGG) awarded the Paris 2018 association the privilege of organizing the 10th edition of the Gay Games in Paris from the 2nd to the 12th of August 2018 and to bring together some 15,000 participants from around the world.  The two associations signed the 10th Gay Games Charter, in the presence of Valérie Fourneyron, the Minister of Sports, Continuing Education, Youth and Community Organizations, between Paris on February 13, 2014.  The largest hetero-friendly sports, cultural, festival event in the world!  Open to all, the Paris Gay Games will contribute to the visibility and integration of Lesbians, Gays and the Transgendered.

Metropolitan Paris, a cosmopolitan city, continues to look towards the future.  Already at the forefront of LGBT political action, the city intends to go even further by organizing this event on an international scale.  Situated at the crossroads of the European Union, Paris will thus bring forth its humanist and cultural values by welcoming the games, whose primary goal is to promote the message of non-discrimination, equality and respect.

The Gay Games stress the values of participation, inclusion and personal challenge.  The games are welcome to everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origins, political views, their physical, athletic or artistic capabilities, their age or health status.  No performance standards are required, only what is essential is the desire to uphold the objectives of the games.  The Gay Games thus offer the opportunity to openly express oneself and to enjoy the spirit of friendship through sports, culture and art – all in an environment of tolerance.

Gay Games Mission & Vision