The LGBT International Powerlifting Championships (LGBT IPC) are delighted to announce they will next be held in Manchester in July 2022. Once again they will be providing a safe space for Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual and Transgender (Trans)

athletes to participate and compete in strength sports. The Championships will adopt the theme of “All Equal”, which is a response to the negativity directed towards members of the LGBT+ Community within strength sports in the build up to the Tokyo Olympics.

“We have been disappointed by the many unpleasant comments and protests towards LGBT+ Olympic athlete Laurel Hubbard from New Zealand over this last few weeks and we are committed to providing a safe and welcoming LGBT International Powerlifting Championship for all regardless of Sexuality, Gender, Race, Religion, Ability or Health status. The phrase “ All Equal” has been used recently by Olympic President Thomas Bach, to illustrate that everyone should respect the same rules, irrespective of social background, gender, race, sexual orientation of political belief.

“In 2022 we will once again be welcoming Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual and Trans athletes to a competitive International Powerlifting Championships from all over world. In 2018 we became the first sporting event in the world to offer an optional third gender MX Category, welcoming Trans, Non Binary and Intersex athletes to compete in strength sports for the first time. In 2022 we plan to build on this success and welcome even more LGBT+ athletes, from all over the world, to experience the special and unique atmosphere of LGBT IPC.

We are committed to welcoming all Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, Trans, Non Binary, Intersex and Gender Non-Conforming athletes to compete in LGBT IPC and this year we do so under the banner of All Equal. Over the last four years we have worked extremely hard to create as many safe competitive “Routes to Platform” as possible for LGBT+ athletes and we continue to offer opportunities for all LGBT+ athletes to compete. We have accommodate everyone from novice and first timers, right through to world champions, world record holders, Arnold Classic and Olympic athletes.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight that there are now at least forty powerlifting federations, national affiliates, championships and clubs that have adopted LGBT+ friendly policies in the last four years (See Our International Directory). Huge progress has been made since the first LGBT IPC in 2017 to provide safe and welcoming places for all LGBT+ strength athletes to participate and compete equally. “The LGBT+ Powerlifting Directory Can Be Found Here” 

To find out more about the championships, visit us at Facebook “LGBT International Powerlifting Championships” or at our website

Forthcoming Fixtures 2021 – 2022

“LGBT IPC ANNOUNCED FOR MANCHESTER 2022” – 29th, 30th, 31st July 2022

LGBT IPC 2022 will be held in Manchester at the Trinity Sports Centre, which is located just five minutes from the famous gay village and Canal Street. There is a whole programme of events planned including Weigh In, Technical Meeting, Championships, Social Evening. Congress and Closing Party.

“LGBT POWERLIFTING WORKSHOPS 2022” – London & Manchester March 2022

We offer LGBT Powerlifting Workshops every spring for Novice and First Time athletes, who are looking to train and compete in the LGBT International Powerlifting Championships 2022.


For the first time at the end of 2021 we will be holding a “Christmas Winter Pride” event that will include: Technical Briefing, LGBT+ Bench Press Seminar, LGBT+ Bench Press Championship, followed by Christmas Drinks.

Media & Press Enquiries should be directed to Chris Morgan Co-president LGBT Powerlifting Union email

Registration is now open for LGBT International Powerlifting Championships and Pride Powerlifting

Editors Notes:

  • The LGBT Powerlifting Union is a global “Union” of athletes elected from the registered athletes and participants of the LGBT International Powerlifting Championships. The current officials of LGBTPU are from diverse backgrounds reflecting all parts of the LGBT+ community. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual ,Transgender (Trans), Non Binary, Cis Male and Cis Female. Our adoption of the + symbol indicates we are open to all regardless of genders or sexuality, including those who identify as Trans, Non Binary, Intersex, Queer, Cis Male, Cis Female and Gender Fluid. (Please refer to note three below). It also underlines our commitment to our relationships with our mainstream and straight partners, without whom so much progress would not have been made over LGBT+ Issues during this last four years.
  • LGBT IPC 2022 weekend has a full program of activities including a Technical Briefing (Friday 29th July), Competition (Saturday 30th July), Congress (Sunday 31st July) and Closing Party (Sunday 31st   July). Visit for more details. LGBT IPC has registered athletes from Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Sweden, United States of America and Great Britain. We welcome Trans men and Trans women who have decided to transition– who will be able to participate within either Male, Female or within Mx Category. The third gender (optional) Mx Category is also for people who do not identify as one or the other, such as Non Binary or Intersex. The new Mx Category was voted on in 2017 and introduced for the 2018 and 2019 events and the policy continues for our 2022 event.
  • MX category is also an all-inclusive category for males, females, agender, aporagender, bigender, butch, cisgender, demigender, femme, non-binary, gender neutral, gender queer, gender fluid, transsexual, intergender, polygender and any other gender expression. At this time over 70 different forms of gender identity have been identified, Facebook users can choose from 50 differing gender identities. The LGBT IPC MX category uniquely has 14 gender neutral weight classes, which were specially created by merging male and female weight classes.
  • Award Winning Project – In 2019 the LGBT Powerlifting Union and LGBT International Powerlifting Championships were awarded the most “Innovative Project Award” at the Out For Sports 21st Annual Awards, hosted at the London Mayor’s Office. This awards was for their optional MX Category, where Trans, Non Binary and Intersex participants are able to choose their gender category (M, F or MX) from day one of their transition. The aim is to empower, encourage and inspire young LGBT+ athletes, by providing a safe space within strength sports for new athletes to develop.
  • Gay Games Powerlifting  – The sport of Powerlifting was part of the program of Gay Games in nine Gay Games from 1982 San Francisco through to Gay Games 2014 in Cleveland Ohio. It was also part of the World Outgames in Montreal in 2006. Bench Press Single Event was part of the Eurogames in Munich in 2004. Powerlifting was not included in Gay Games Paris 2018 but will be returning in Hong Kong in 2022. where an optional MX Category will be included for the first time. The Federation of Gay Games website can be found at

Key People – Biographies

Chris Morgan: Male Co-President, LGBT Powerlifting Union

Chris has been one of the World’s leading openly gay athletes since starting his Powerlifting career at the Gay Games in 1998.

During his twenty year career he has represented England and Great Britain a total of twenty six times, where he has taken a total of twenty eight international medals. He has been World Champion ten times, European Champion five times, British Champion eighteen times and has won six Gay Games gold medals. In 2010 and 2011 he was the overall Best Lifter at the British Deadlift Championships and in 2011 was the overall Best Lifter at the European Deadlift Championships. He is the holder of several British and World records in the Deadlift.

Chris is constantly working for the organisation that gave him confidence to be an openly gay athlete, as a global ambassador. His role for the Federation of Gay Games is to inspire and motivate young LGBT+ athletes worldwide.  In 2018 Chris was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from LGBT+ Powerlifters globally for his dedication and commitment towards inclusion and equality with the sport of Powerlifting.

Charlotte Wareing: Female Co-President, LGBT Powerlifting Union

Charlotte has been powerlifting for six years, she has won five master’s European titles and seven World titles.  

She holds 41 World Records in both raw and equipped lifting.  She has twice achieved the overall best lifter at European and World level.  Charlotte was the recipient of  the LGBT IPC “Spirit Award” at the first LGBT IPC Championships for her courage and commitment to the LGBT+ Community, which she views as one of the highlights of her career.  

Charlotte is keen to grow the sport of powerlifting and works hard to introduce the sport to novice lifters. 

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