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In January 1998, I was training for fun at a gay gym in Central London, when weightlifting coach Jim Atkinson approached me. He politely questioned my lifestyle at the time and offered me the chance to turn my life around.
After over ten years of hard labour, pain, tears, ripped hands, bruised shoulders and shins - I have Jim to thank for challenging me in 98, and setting me on this unique journey that I’m now experiencing.
He suggested that my raw strength could be channelled productively and introduced me to the Gay Games. The experience of a major sporting event, based upon inclusion, participation and pursuit of personal best changed my life forever.
The Gay Games Powerlifting competition once every four years is where the strongest gay men in the world meet. All challenging the world’s view of what gay represents, breaking stereotypes and expressing their power in the most graphic way.
Respect to you all.....
What's new in 2009............
Bronze at the European Championships in Estonia
Forthcoming Competitions
All England Championships and World Championships